What a Surprise! Did you know?

What a Surprise!
Did you know?

What a Surprise!

It won’t surprise you to learn that California’s debt has climbed to over $425 Billion dollars.  Yep, you read that right.  If you include local unfunded pension & debt liability, we face a $1.3 Trillion debt.  That is over half of the entire GDP of the state.  According to USdebtClock.org, California is accumulating $100 Billion more debt every year.

That is more debt than many countries.  California’s debt is twice as much as Switzerland, who’s national debt stands at $670 Billion; and about the same as Mexico ($1.4 Trillion) and Australia ($1.3 Trillion). And that does not even include enormous costs for the Governor’s pet projects – High Speed Rail and the Delta Tunnels.

The combination of high debt, unfunded liabilities, insufficient reserves, volatile revenue, and seemingly insatiable appetite for more spending is putting California at increasing risk.

Local governments are facing increasing debt (especially unfunded pension and benefit liabilities).  A recent report from the League of Cities shows that within seven years, taxpayer contributions needed to keep pension systems afloat will double from current levels.  That means services will have to be cut or already-high taxes will have to increase.

I could go on about more, but you know all of this and more.  It’s not going to change for the better.  They will never live under fiscal restraint like you and I must.  They see all of us as their never-ending resource to get what they want.

I ask you, once again, when is enough enough?  When do we stand up to the tyranny?  We have an opportunity to say, “We are standing for liberty and freedom.  And, yes, we are willing to go beyond standing.  We are going to FIGHT for our freedom and liberty”.

Will we have set backs?  Yes we will.  Yes we have.  Does that mean we’ve lost?  NO.  Does that mean we quit?  NEVER.  In fact, it bends us but does not break us.  It strengthens us and we persevere no matter the difficulty.

I know you believe this.  I know you have worked hard.  Your efforts and sacrifice will pay off.
Are you on board for the State of Jefferson?  Join us now to become part of history in the making.  Join the effort to bring liberty and freedom to your kids and grand kids.  Join in the battle that will mark the end of tyranny for those of us in the northern third of the state.  We can be the leaders that set the tone for others to make a stand for liberty.

You have the chance to make a difference.  You will be that difference?  You will be the one who will put us over the finish line?  We can’t do this without you.  So join with us.  Make it happen!

Donate today on behalf of freedom and liberty.  

Send your donations to: SOJ 51 Formation

PO Box 751
Palo Cedro, CA  96073

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We thank you for your donation on behalf of liberty!

Ginny Rapini
SOJ Citizen Volunteer

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