Giuliani: Hillary Clinton Is A ‘Founding Member Of ISIS’ | The Daily Caller

Clinton was part of Obama’s administration that ‘made a joke’ about ISIS

Source: Giuliani: Hillary Clinton Is A ‘Founding Member Of ISIS’ | The Daily Caller

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  1. > Playing devil’s advocate, O’Reilly interjected, “I want to be fair to Hillary Clinton. As Secretary of State she could not force Barack Obama to do anything. The only thing she could have done was resigned. that’s it.”

    Look, Clinton is as much a snake in a suit as anyone else running for president, but it’s no wonder people see her and the Obama administration as evil; the thinking behind it is too simple. A lot like just calling people with a full range of differing beliefs either “democrat” or “republican,” but I digress.

    O’Reilly is conceding to a false point to make it seem more genuine (as he does all the time).

    Point fingers all you want on this issue — it was Hillary under Obama’s administration! It wasn’t Hillary, it was Obama! It wasn’t Obama, it was Bush! — but any way you split it, Maliki wanted troops out and would not agree to any further presence. Had it been a Republican in the office, these people would just shrug and say, “well, I trust his/her leadership.” But since it’s someone from the other team, they say it was weak.

    No one wins when politics resorts to spurious attacks that are said PRIMARILY to pander to the bias of the viewership. If people aren’t taking a firm stance behind the truth and just want to point fingers, you know something is very wrong with the source you’re tuned into.

    1. Politics is all about the Wizard behind the curtain. Illusions and conjecture runs the parties line. They feed you pablum of the mind to appeal to your lessor nature. The problem now is all of those who swallowed the current POTUS’s pablum got poisoned and are in the dearthrows of denial. The tournament to the Whitehouse could be called before the ball is in the end zone over the hoop or touches the goal. We are Americans accustomed to the Wild West Cowboy diplomacy which has worked for us until a Kenyan lied and said he was a Hawaiian. He brought Chicago Politics into the fray and forced Political Correctness on us which served to remove our 2nd Amendment and Religious rights in league with the former POTUS who launched Homeland Security upon our new lack of rights and movement in and out of Airports not without health hazards from the radiation of the X Ray machines. We lost thousands of soldiers collecting those terrorist leaders and sending them to Gitmo. Obama opened Pandora’s Box and released the hydra back upon us by turning the men who cost us tens of thousands of lives back into the fight. He has shown his true colors and has now been labeled the Biblical Beast who’s number is 666. It’s only fitting that these Candidates take personal jabs at each other’s wives because they are separated in a thinly veiled curtain of views and can’t win on these merits alone so they pinch each other’s pimples and poke each other’s boils and hope that oozes all over the caucus’s steering the delegate count their way all while Rome burns, the ship of state sinks, Obama watches Baseball with Castro laughing all the while. Those close to the Traitorous POTUS show too much pusillanimous to do the right thing and declare Obama a mistrial. Our ship is sinking and we are the laughing stock of the world while Soetoro has the last laugh.

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