If You Want Your Constitutional Rights Back In California Here’s Two Things You Can Do

  1. Register, Donate and Vote GOP.  (There are two viable Gubernatorial Candidates.)  1.  John Cox and 2. Travis Allen
  2. Donate To The State Of Jefferson.  Are you tired of the B.S. Politics coming from Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein and Newsom?  Then the only way out is to put some money, donate to a GOP candidate and vote the same.

    Attend Rallies, and write emails and letters to your representatives.This is serious and we’ve been held hostage by the 9th Circuit and Sacramento Politicians. We pay more for Gas, Higher Income Taxes, and Vehicle Taxes to support the Socialism that is Sacramento.

    In a state with more population, we should pay less, if the state were efficient.  But we are the States Cash-Cow and they are reckless with their spending, exclude you in their decisions.  The North has limited representation.

    I am just an ordinary Citizen who wants to see California return the great state is once was when I was a child.  It’s gone to the dogs and everybody knows it. Please get on board the Make California Great Again and help me and two million northern Californians regain our Constitutional Liberties as outlined in our Federal Constitution.

    We are not Children but we are being treated like Children.  Are you with me?

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